Weekend Football

I’m trying to have hope that a week will make a difference to the chances of at least one of my football teams winning this weekend (San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens) since our weather has been showing me what a difference a day makes all week changing from clouds,

to a little sunshine,

then fog and

now an ice storm warning.  I’m a dedicated sports fan, but if I had to choose, I will take all my teams losing and just record-setting January rain instead of ice (well…except San Francisco and Green Bay).

15 responses to “Weekend Football”

  1. Sounds like both the football and weather are promising drama and excitement this weekend, ACI. With all these outstanding teams, if you can stay inside and watch football with a functioning furnace, and not drive, my crystal ball predicts good times ahead. I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Have fun! Fantastic photos, as usual.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I’m prepared with a great afternoon of college basketball and Tottenham/Liverpool before the exciting football games. The rain is pouring down and the temperatures are dropping, but I’m still hoping the weather predictions are wrong and the football predictions are right!🏈☔️😁

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  2. Wonderful pictures! I especially like seeing the same place photographed under different conditions. I’m with you all the way about ice storms. We are planning on losing our power, and we are prepared with canned soup, extra bread, and plenty of wood for the furnace. Good times.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I keep hoping the weather people are wrong again, but the rain keeps falling and the temperature has already dropped twenty degrees. Still hoping I have power for the games and enough chocolate chip cookies.☔️🏈🍪🙂

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      1. Good luck! We should be getting that storm tomorrow, and so far according to Weather Underground, the ice accumulation doesn’t look too bad. I am mildly hopeful that we won’t lose our power. Hope the same is true for you.

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      2. Thank you!🙂 We made it through the day with only rain so the ice accumulation will not be as bad as they predicted. It is just now switching to freezing rain, but hopefully not enough to worry about power outages during the night. Happy to hear your forecast has improved!🙂

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      3. Same happened here. Phew!

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  3. Enjoy the football! You might not be enjoying the soccer, with no Kane…

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    1. Thank you and one team has won this weekend!!!😁 I thought maybe I could jump on the Liverpool bandwagon with their amazing season and no Kane, but I almost threw myself on the ground like Mourinho after the late Tottenham miss!😁


  4. What a lot of weather you’re having. And Man Utd won – yay, and Liverpool are winning too many controversial VAR decisions – boo!

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    1. We have another crazy week of weather with temps hitting 50 degrees again and then another snowstorm predicted. Let’s hope somebody can finally defeat Liverpool and it’s Man Utd next weekend!🙂

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