Tuesday Tunes – Brown Eyed Girl

Sometimes after a refreshing Pear, Apple and Cinnamon Margarita

and delicious Cubano Nachos, with Jimmy Buffett lyrics swirling around in my head,

I can close my brown eyes while daydreaming by swirling warm snow and almost imagine that I’m standing in the sand on a tropical beach.

Unfortunately, I’m quickly brought back to my winter reality with the snow feeling mighty cold.

Jimmy Buffett

If you’re curious about some of my other abstract photos or buying a print of Warm Snow, please visit my photography site Curious Wandering.

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  1. From the title, I was expecting Van Morrison. Didn’t know that Jimmy Buffett did a cover of the song. The food and drink look oh so good!

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    1. Had to use Jimmy Buffett’s version for this post, but Van Morrison’s song is an all-time favorite along with those nachos and margarita!😁

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      1. What’s not to like? Am pushing to finish the revisions of Book 4 of my Great Library Series, and as soon as I do, it will time for margaritas and nachos.

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      2. Hope your celebration is soon!🙂

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      3. In a couple of weeks, I think.

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  2. M.B. Henry says:

    You had me at pear, cinnamon, and apple margarita. Was it as fantastic as it looks? Great pictures!

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    1. Thank you!😁 Years ago I would try new margarita flavors, but lately always order a strawberry margarita. After this fantastic margarita, I’m going to start ordering the margarita sampler for more great options!😁

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