Tuesday Tunes – Brown Eyed Girl

Sometimes after a refreshing Pear, Apple and Cinnamon Margarita

and delicious Cubano Nachos, with Jimmy Buffett lyrics swirling around in my head,

I can close my brown eyes while daydreaming by swirling warm snow and almost imagine that I’m standing in the sand on a tropical beach.

Unfortunately, I’m quickly brought back to my winter reality with the snow feeling mighty cold.

Jimmy Buffett

10 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Brown Eyed Girl”

  1. From the title, I was expecting Van Morrison. Didn’t know that Jimmy Buffett did a cover of the song. The food and drink look oh so good!

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    1. Had to use Jimmy Buffett’s version for this post, but Van Morrison’s song is an all-time favorite along with those nachos and margarita!😁

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      1. What’s not to like? Am pushing to finish the revisions of Book 4 of my Great Library Series, and as soon as I do, it will time for margaritas and nachos.

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      2. Hope your celebration is soon!🙂

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      3. In a couple of weeks, I think.

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  2. You had me at pear, cinnamon, and apple margarita. Was it as fantastic as it looks? Great pictures!

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    1. Thank you!😁 Years ago I would try new margarita flavors, but lately always order a strawberry margarita. After this fantastic margarita, I’m going to start ordering the margarita sampler for more great options!😁

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