Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Another weekend and another midlife realization that the person that spent years flying down the highway in the fast lane is in the rearview mirror and I prefer those slow Sunday morning drives and avoiding highways whenever possible.  No more U-turns to miss waiting for the train, but now hoping it’s a long one with plenty of interesting graffiti (no such luck this time).

With Radio Margaritaville playing great Jimmy Buffett tunes there is no need to find the fastest route to the park on the navigation system as you enjoy the journey and appreciate a slow pace

so you have time to admire the scenery and read the signs

knowing the wildlife love the laid-back lifestyle and will be waiting patiently.

20 responses to “Monday Musings”

    • 😁Love the Eagles and they need a remake of their great tune now that I’m relegated to the oldies station!😁 While my kayak may go in the water in March since spring has arrived early, I’ve always thought May was the beginning to bike season even though we’ve had people out riding all winter. There will be screaming if Mourinho continues to lose his magic!!😁


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