The Week In Seven Photos

As a lifelong introvert, one would not imagine that in my midlife years the phrase social distancing would have such an unsettling effect.  Many a day I have preferred the company of my dogs over people and the thought of not receiving any invitations in the mail to large gatherings makes me smile.

The quirks of my personality fit perfectly into keeping a distance, I’m not a hugger and believe a smile is just as good as a handshake.  Even as much as I love my dogs, I’ve never had the desire to teach them to shake and absolutely nobody needs to resort to an elbow bump in my presence, including you Harper.

All of that changed this week when I had to look at social distancing in the world as a national health directive.  While out and about, I heard people sneezing and felt an immediate reaction and found myself later yelling at the turkeys to quit crowding one another

and reminded the geese to stop holding wings.

I do believe social distancing is an essential element in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, along with washing your hands often,

but it’s scary watching it occur during a health crisis.  Everywhere I went early in the week life still felt normal, including a visit to my favorite bookstore that always entices me with their buy one get one free cookie coupons

and my favorite bakery.  Unfortunately, now instead of dreaming of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I only have thoughts of COVID-19 tests and hand sanitizer,