The Week In Seven Photos

Another week of transitions as we quickly moved from spring

to winter and

quickly back to spring again with hopefully the last sighting of Harper’s little footprints in the snow.

All non-essential businesses were shutdown on Monday and it’s now necessary to stay away from the crowded sidewalks at the park.  We have found less traveled paths, but after a day of playing cards we’ve had to stop Harper

from trying to invite new friends over for poker night.

We have noticed that moods have also transitioned quickly through the days as optimism

battles consistently with a scary reality that is handled differently by many.

For those moments when the worry factor goes out of control, we quickly remember to listen to reason and be thankful for nature, quiet places to escape with family, the medical profession, grocery store cashiers and clerks, Governor Cuomo, Dr. Fauci, reliable news sources and, of course, 

plenty of wine (there may be more than seven photos, but who’s counting).

15 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Thanks for sharing a look at your world during this very strange week, ACI. Beautiful photos, I especially like the first two works of art, and the turkey feather spread is also terrific.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Still trying to find a safe way to be outdoors for a bit each day with the camera and luckily we haven’t run out of snacks for the backyard visitors.🙂

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  2. I’m not counting! Terrific advice. And there are more than a few people to whom I’d like to send that picture of the turkey’s behind.

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  3. Hard to see what we’re transitioning to, outside of spring. Thank goodness indeed for steady figures like Coumo and Fauci. I particularly feel for Fauci…
    The guy in the fishing kayak has the right idea.
    I hope you’ve got enough wine for the weekend!

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    1. Things are getting much worse in our state right now and as much as some people find it healthier to avoid the news, I find that watching Cuomo, Fauci and the other experts helps me prepare for how long we will actually be dealing with this and all the safety measures I can take for my family. My kayak will definitely be out on the water next week and I’m all set for a rainy weekend with plenty of wine and watching five seasons of Peaky Blinders.🙂


      1. I loved Peaky Blinders – you’re in for a treat!

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      2. Instantly addicted and Harper better not interfere with my binge-watching!😁


  4. The footprints in the snow are adorable! ❤

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  5. Thoughtful thoughts for this week and more terrific photos. I expect the world has shut down now and everyone is trying to positively refocus energies. I have never watched Peaky Blinders but I know someone who was an extra in some of it.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 With the rapid rise in cases here, we no longer even feel comfortable with the six foot social distancing and I’m glad I have great shows like Peaky Blinders to help keep me in the house.

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