Monday Musings

After weeks of struggling with fear and worry, an attitude adjustment was needed this weekend after the full realization that we will most likely be living a form of social distancing throughout this year and into next year to protect family members at a higher risk.  There was some minor swearing along the way, but kayaking, which has now been approved as an outdoor activity, and

a M&M’s delivery helped tremendously.  There has been much talk about how individuals and society will change during this isolation and I’ve already seen changes, since I now believe I am a hugger as I was ready to run out the door and hug the Costco delivery man arriving with my M&M’s.

During this attitude adjustment it was time to be grateful for whatever simple enjoyments can be discovered throughout the day and once I began looking I realized that while watching the news absolutely frightens and saddens me, that somehow seeing all the reporters and their guests in their homes with bookshelves filled with books lifted my spirits.  Harper is getting ready for her first video call and hoping for a guest appearance on A Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and Real Time With Bill Maher that are thankfully producing shows from home.

At times it is very difficult to find a balance concerning what to write about while watching what is happening in the world, but hopefully sharing a few simple moments helps everyone escape for a minute.