The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

As someone who has lost track of how many times I have left home and wondered if I closed the garage door or left something turned on and circled back to double check, I think there are many elements to how we’re living right now that are exacerbating my OCD issues.  How many times do I need to wipe down grocery packaging with Lysol wipes before they’re decontaminated and did I spray down the Lysol wipe container when I finished?  I’m no longer going into public places where I have to double check if I crossed that six foot line, but now the swans are making me feel like I’m violating their social distance space even though my Tamron 150-600mm lens keeps me at a safe distance. 

I’ve discovered it’s a relief to be staying away from public places so I don’t have to worry that I’m going to trip and accidentally bump into someone or worry about sneezing in the vicinity of anyone, since I now believe I’m developing an allergy to Lysol.  It was such a relief this week to only have the ducks,

cranes, and

swans for company out on the lake and a paddle in my hands so I did not have to worry and wonder if I touched my face at any point in time. 

My kayaking photography skills are very rusty and I forgot how heavy that Tamron lens feels while swinging it around and capturing blurry photos of wildlife feet.  There may have been more swearing than what was appreciated by the wildlife when I noticed all of the out of focus shots.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that everyone is being kinder during these difficult times, including couples.  Just the other day after watching The Chef Show and commenting that I wished I cooked, I distinctly heard someone in the room saying they wished I cooked too.  I thought it was very kind of me not to throw one of my many cookbooks that I never use across the room. 

The days are not flying by and neither are the cookbooks, yet, but for an hour on the lake this week it was a pleasure watching the wildlife fly by.

22 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

      • This made me laugh. Even if a smidge out of focus your bird photos are heaps better than my many blurds. And at the peril of a flying cook book, what is for dinner? Sometimes when asked that question I have replied ‘what you can see with your eyes shut’.

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      • 😁Thank you!😁 Loved your response to the what’s for dinner question and M&M’s are still the main course here!!😁 When I see the sharp photos of others, I momentarily think about walking with a tripod to capture birds, but for some reason I love the challenge of capturing blurry feet while kayaking.😁

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  1. You’ve already done your part on the food provisions front by ordering the extra M&M’s! With the potential for flying cook books, perhaps your paddling trips will take slightly longer as the weeks progress. That’ll leave whoever is at home more space in the kitchen to get cooking – very considerate!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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    • 😁After that gorgeous morning of kayaking the weather has not been cooperating with windy days and snow yesterday. Although, I would choose kayaking in the snow over cooking.😁 While I have decided I can survive on Diet Mtn Dew, wine and M&M’s until this is over and I can return to my favorite restaurants, someone continues to believe actual meals are a requirement. As I’m in complete restaurant withdrawal and only plan on dining at restaurants in the future, I believe the kitchen can be eliminated and the space can be included in the layout of an addition to our home to prevent flying cookbooks.😁 Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  2. you took these photos while kayaking? they are amazing 🙂 love that bird midair… reminds me of Andersen’s fairytales 🙂
    lol, and the kinder couples episode cracked me up 😀
    Happy Easter 🙂

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