Do We Have To Do Everything Together???

Self-Isolation Trend #3

As someone who I vaguely recall might have flunked home ec in the late ’70s, I was forced to order my first package of face covers since I could not bribe anyone else in the family to make me a cute one covered with Baby Yoda.  I have been following the recommendation to wear a face covering in public for weeks by wearing my Tottenham, Manchester United or Liverpool scarf while out and it actually did not feel strange.  That was not the case with taking our first walk yesterday in my new face cover combined with my baseball hat and realizing that it was me scaring away the birds and not Harper.  Harper was not happy to model my new look, but at least while trying to adjust to another new trend I could laugh yesterday at her and Matthew McConaughey’s wonderful public service announcement for wearing masks, Bobby Bandito, and begin my search for a Baby Yoda bandana.