Do We Have To Do Everything Together???

Self-Isolation Trend #3

As someone who I vaguely recall might have flunked home ec in the late ’70s, I was forced to order my first package of face covers since I could not bribe anyone else in the family to make me a cute one covered with Baby Yoda.  I have been following the recommendation to wear a face covering in public for weeks by wearing my Tottenham, Manchester United or Liverpool scarf while out and it actually did not feel strange.  That was not the case with taking our first walk yesterday in my new face cover combined with my baseball hat and realizing that it was me scaring away the birds and not Harper.  Harper was not happy to model my new look, but at least while trying to adjust to another new trend I could laugh yesterday at her and Matthew McConaughey’s wonderful public service announcement for wearing masks, Bobby Bandito, and begin my search for a Baby Yoda bandana.

12 responses to “Do We Have To Do Everything Together???”

  1. Harper does look like a little bandit. Adorable as ever. And how fun would it be to have a face cover with baby Yodas?

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    1. Thank you and I’ll be placing a large order for Baby Yoda masks if they become available!🐾🙂

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  2. I can think of certain parts of the UK where, in the recent past, wearing a Spurs or MU scarf could have caused some distress!
    I’ve taken to wearing a scarf, sunglasses and hoodie around the neighbourhood, and with Scout bouncing around at the end of her leash, it seems no one wants to come and say “hi” even if they could. I should add, also wearing long pants and shoes, at least for the time being…

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    1. 😁After another day of wearing this new face covering, I’m almost desperate enough to cut up a few of my favorite jerseys and try to make a mask, since at this point I’ve lost all hope of watching sports anytime soon. I’ve been lucky to have people stay away from Harper and I because I think they might believe I’ve been drinking as they watch me stumble around because of my foggy glasses due to the mask and hearing me constantly ask Harper the day and time since I’ve realized my clock and calendar has always been set to sports time.😁


  3. New recommendations for flattening the curve. If everyone wears a mask, we’ll get through this faster, or so we hope!

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    1. I see more people wearing one and plan on continuing to wear mine, but I’ll keep trying to encourage my niece to make me a Baby Yoda mask.🙂

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