The Week In Seven Photos

Between the cold, snow and high winds this week there was no chance for kayaking as my outdoor activity, so I actually have a colorful photo of birds discovered while out walking that is not blurry.

Harper is maintaining her social distance from the wildlife, but most often I don’t believe she ever sees the ducks peeking out of the river and only has eyes for the squirrels.

Due to the cold weather the parks were not as busy, but a few of us were out walking with our masks this week

and trying to find a few moments of peace by the water.

Unfortunately, in these changing times you can never escape what is occurring in the world, but

thankfully sometimes those moments are intermixed with signs of inspiration and something that makes you smile.

One of my favorite type of shots each week is trying to capture an image that portrays solitude and peace, but as the cases in our state have risen to over 29,000, with over 5,500 in our county, I’m struggling with finding scenes offering me that emotion.  While I’ve always looked at empty benches as places of solitude and not loneliness, this week the benches had a different vibe along with the niggling question of whether it needed to be sprayed down with Lysol.  I often resort to humor, which I have been told over the years wasn’t appreciated during better times, but in a week filled with comments about the “new normal” that will be needed going forward, I’ve discovered I hate the phrase “new normal” and would prefer to be in denial.  Every hour and every day the information appears to change and I’m about ready to begin a drinking game whenever I hear that awful phrase “new normal” or immediately check out one of my favorite places, the alternate universe.  After much consideration, I’ve chosen the alternate universe for the weekend because dreaming is healthier than drinking games during a time when it’s almost impossible to get a grocery delivery date to restock supplies.  During my escape to the alternate universe this weekend, I’ll be watching my favorite sports and the new season of Bosch, enjoying my favorite restaurants and reading the amazing news that Lysol just developed a spray that smells like cookies.