The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

Between the cold, snow and high winds this week there was no chance for kayaking as my outdoor activity, so I actually have a colorful photo of birds discovered while out walking that is not blurry.

Harper is maintaining her social distance from the wildlife, but most often I don’t believe she ever sees the ducks peeking out of the river and only has eyes for the squirrels.

Due to the cold weather the parks were not as busy, but a few of us were out walking with our masks this week

and trying to find a few moments of peace by the water.

Unfortunately, in these changing times you can never escape what is occurring in the world, but

thankfully sometimes those moments are intermixed with signs of inspiration and something that makes you smile.

One of my favorite type of shots each week is trying to capture an image that portrays solitude and peace, but as the cases in our state have risen to over 29,000, with over 5,500 in our county, I’m struggling with finding scenes offering me that emotion.  While I’ve always looked at empty benches as places of solitude and not loneliness, this week the benches had a different vibe along with the niggling question of whether it needed to be sprayed down with Lysol.  I often resort to humor, which I have been told over the years wasn’t appreciated during better times, but in a week filled with comments about the “new normal” that will be needed going forward, I’ve discovered I hate the phrase “new normal” and would prefer to be in denial.  Every hour and every day the information appears to change and I’m about ready to begin a drinking game whenever I hear that awful phrase “new normal” or immediately check out one of my favorite places, the alternate universe.  After much consideration, I’ve chosen the alternate universe for the weekend because dreaming is healthier than drinking games during a time when it’s almost impossible to get a grocery delivery date to restock supplies.  During my escape to the alternate universe this weekend, I’ll be watching my favorite sports and the new season of Bosch, enjoying my favorite restaurants and reading the amazing news that Lysol just developed a spray that smells like cookies.

17 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Right? The new normal ain’t so great. Bring on Bosch! Not surprised to read Harper is more interested in squirrels than ducks. She is, after all, a terrier. 😉 The the mural is stunning. All right. It even gets a Maine “Wowsah!” And I don’t give those lightly. Take care, take care. Hugs from Maine.

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  2. What a week! Or month, or was it a year? Feels longer…
    I think we haven’t had normal for three years or more, and life has sometimes felt like a dismal alternate reality. Watching those so-called coronavirus update briefings has not been good for my health – I’ve felt like rinsing my brain in Lysol after each one, but that’s a bad idea, even if it is cookie scented.
    Playing a drinking game related to the current situation would break our bank account, and requiring a new liver due to said game wouldn’t go down well with the healthcare services right now, but oh my, it’s taking all we’ve got not to have an extra glass or two. Or three.
    Happily, Harper is in the humour frontlines there, squirrel fixated and prepared to ignore those completely quackers individuals on the right…
    Enjoy the weekend, whatever it looks like – I like the Bosch series, a pretty good adaptation, and I’ve at least two seasons to catch up on.
    Take care!

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    • A presidential historian this week was asked if he would write a book about Trump and he answered no, but he thought the more fascinating story is what he says about us and why so many have surrendered their better judgment. I cannot believe what has occurred during this crisis and I’ve decided after these three years and this crisis that I may never leave my alternate universe that has a government operating amazingly under President Hillary Clinton. The recent years were filled with creating a healthier society with amazing progress and advances being made in climate control in combination with Uncle Fauci keeping us safe as the Health Czar. Between Harper keeping busy with her Instagram fan club and a smoothly running country that has left more time to write instead of reading about chaos, I’ve been able to enjoy Kane and Mourinho dominating the Premier League in between finishing my first mystery novel. It is being adapted to film and I’ll be busy consulting and having many meetings with The Rock, Daniel Craig, Idris Elba and Cillian Murphy to see who is best suited to play the detective. (had a change of heart about “new normal” – I would toast this one🍷🍷 – is it obvious yet this is taking a toll???)😁 Take care and enjoy the weekend!🙂


  3. How many days has it been? What day is today? What planet am I on? and What is ‘real?’ I think we’re cracking around the edges, ha!
    Being basically a non-drinker, I don’t even have that to fall to.
    But I must say that gardening and nature have been my strongest suit. Thank heaven for that!
    Hope your weekend is lovely. We’re getting that snowstorm tonight. Hope the daffodils survive!

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    • I was just joking yesterday that I must operate on sports time, because without them I’ve discovered I have no idea the day or time! Also, I might have joked about introverts handling this better, but at this point my extrovert husband is handling it better and I’ve been the first to crack in the family, but luckily I don’t have to share the wine!😁 I’m glad the gardening has helped and so far the daffodils are still standing and offering the only color around here. Take care and enjoy the weekend!🙂

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  4. Thanks for sharing your week in review with us, ACI. I enjoyed all the photos, and especially the mural. And I found the photo of the man on the pier gazing into the water a poignant statement of these times. He looks as tentative and unsettled as we are in these times. Best wishes to you….

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    • Thank you!🙂 I’m surprised every time I go out how I’m reacting to the world, including quiet walks at the park. The only place that feels removed from all the unsettling changes, fear and worry is out on the lake kayaking. Take care!

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  5. An alternate universe is surely the answer, I hear Daniel Craig is definitely up for filming a new mystery but in this same parallel universe Man Utd will once again become the team they were in the 90’s, coffee will be the new wonder cure for everything, flared trousers will be compulsory to all over 50’s and CV 19 will never have been and never will be.

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