Local Watering Hole

Self-Isolation Trend #8

With the bars and restaurants closed during the shutdown, a new trend for many is being forced to enjoy happy hour, or for some of us the celebration of It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, at home.  Alcohol sales at grocery stores are up compared to last year as people are either stocking up on booze or joining virtual happy hour parties.  While reading I’ve even seen many recipes for “quarantinis” and many articles about the concern that there may be too much drinking during these anxious times.  I imagine for some that like to enjoy their favorite beverage without watchful eyes counting, they may have found creative ways to still enjoy a cocktail or two, in a relaxing environment, at their new favorite local watering hole where a buddy may paddle by after a very long day of working at home.  

8 responses to “Local Watering Hole”

  1. What a striking photo! And surely a glass or two of something nice is a very good thing. As long as we don’t go any further than the glass or two.

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  2. Alcohol kills viruses, right? 😉

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    1. Need to buy that wine glass that says “for medicinal purposes only!” Actually, may need to buy a few!!🍷🍷😁

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  3. I celebrated the end of a rough week tonight with a glass of decent single malt, my first alcoholic beverage in about two weeks and man, did I need it!🥃 cheers.

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    1. An excellent ending to the week and I hope you’re relaxing on quiet paths this weekend! Cheers!🍷🙂

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