The Week In Seven Photos

I think I’ve given myself mental whiplash with all the changes I’m witnessing taking place in society every day and the fast moving news on the latest coronavirus updates and knowledge about the virus.  There was the welcoming change this week of seeing a new little sandhill crane colt enjoying wandering through the garden 

amidst the changes taking place daily at the grocery store to try to keep everyone safe.  We now have one way aisles, plexiglass at the checkout counter, requirements to wear a mask, everyone maintaining a social distance with panicking eyes above those masks, limits on products, shelves remaining empty and the reminder to not spend time in the produce aisle squeezing the products.  Since I never hang out in that section of the store, the only photo I have to include as a reminder to not squeeze the produce is this orange left along the shore at the park this week.

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned that over my lifetime I’ve tried to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible and have been pretty successful.  A few batches of brown bananas, squishy tomatoes and more dessert than meat and for some reason people lost interest in asking me to grocery shop.  It has been a shock to become the designated shopper during all these changes combined with the fear of the virus.  Now that I’m responsible for shopping it has been a nerve-racking experience trying to figure out why people prior to this ever chose grocery shopping over restaurants, how do I find all these items when I’m only familiar with the dessert, frozen foods and wine aisles and how in the world do people actually come up with meal plans.  Also, along with the constant thought to absolutely not touch anything in the store that I do not plan on purchasing before my masked photo shows up on some corona-shaming site, there was the governor’s friendly reminder this week on behalf of grocery store workers to not only not touch all the produce, but do not remove your mask and lick your finger to open those tricky little produce bags (very soon I can imagine them adding traffic lights to the wine and dessert aisles).  All this stress has caused an increase in snacking and for some reason at home I keep touching all the cookies and am unable to share them. 

The signs of the changing times are everywhere, from the horseshoe courts closed with the stakes covered,

to finding it very strange to see people close to one another after being home too many hours watching the news where almost everyone is separated by screens or six feet

and parents begging one another to take the kids for a walk at the park for an hour of peace and quiet.

Small, big or insignificant the changes are sweeping past as fast as this feather zipped by the kayak.  Just when I think I’m adapting, accepting and sometimes finding humor in these changes, I’m hit with moments of panic like when I watched the great series finales of Will & Grace and Homeland and almost found myself yelling at the screen that there’s too much change going on and don’t leave me now.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful photo. Clif and I have not left our yard in nearly two months. I was well stocked before the coronavirus hit Maine, and we have been ordering a lot online. And I mean a lot. Also found Instacart, where we can place an order with a local store, and the groceries are delivered onto our doorstep. Holy cats, what a service! Will we go back to doing things the way we did before the coronavirus? Hard to say.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Because I do not like grocery shopping, did not want to shop during this time and did not have a good stockpile, I tried the local delivery and pickup options, but finally gave up after not liking the new grocery cycle. Due to the high demand it could take two weeks to get an appointment and then after not receiving many items, due to high demand, we would have to schedule another appointment up to two weeks out and then fail to receive more items. Not counting some items are only available for sale in the store and in one of my pickup orders I discovered after I arrived home that I had a few bags of someone else’s groceries. I now wait as long as possible between trips to the grocery store, go very early before it’s too busy and am able to find other options for all the things still missing from the shelves. I MISS MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS SO MUCH!!!😁

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      1. Sigh. It’s going to be a long haul, that’s for sure.

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  2. plaidcamper says:

    Love the sandhill cranes photo! And the two people fishing. They’re going to need a bigger boat…
    Terrifying images coming out of Lansing yesterday. Some people.
    I think the description you wrote of panicked eyes above masks was where we were about two weeks ago, store shopping wise. Since then, it’s all been much calmer as folks adapted. It is weird to be following arrows up and down the aisles. Being vegetarian and an ex-chef, I love how well stocked the fresh produce section is. Can’t buy beer/wine in supermarkets, so that’s a separate trip to a different store. Double the shopping fun…
    Have a good weekend, hope the cookie supply is sufficient!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I love the one way aisles so I don’t have to constantly worry about the social distancing space and it gives me an extra excuse to go down the pizza and ice cream aisles twice when I forget something. As you could see from the news coverage out of Lansing yesterday, we have many reasons for panicked eyes above our masks around here. I understand all the issues, but we’re still seeing almost 1,000 new cases a day and have had over 42,000 cases and 3,866 deaths in our state. With just lifting a few restrictions late last week under our stay-at-home order, it was amazing how many more people were out on the roads this week and with temperatures hitting 70 degrees this weekend I have a strong feeling we are not going to look like a stay-at-home state this weekend. I’ll be hiding in the house this weekend with my stack of books and cookies and no one is touching the remote!😁 Enjoy the weekend and what is the perfect beer pairing with a salad?!😁


      1. plaidcamper says:

        Arugula and extra olives on a pizza, as well as a few strawberries with ice cream sounds like a move toward a salad! And if the salad is a touch disappointing, I suggest pairing it with another beer, any beer. A pale ale goes with everything these days. Even cornflakes, not that we’re there (yet!)
        In Alberta, we have some slight easing of restrictions starting May 14, if medical numbers permit. We’ll see…
        Have a safe weekend!

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      2. I can actually handle strawberries on my cornflakes, I’d prefer a beer over a salad (although, I’ve never actually ordered a salad and always decline the offer) and after having to look up arugula, I don’t think there is enough room to add it on my favorite pizza – pepperoni, Italian sausage, black olives, mushrooms, onions, mild peppers and green peppers.😁 It was good to read that the easing of restrictions based on the numbers is still be followed somewhere. Take care!🙂


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Challenging times, indeed. I guess you were lucky not to have to shop all those years. How did that change? You lost the coin toss? 😉
    There must be guidance for menu-planning online?
    My spouse for 6 wks didn’t want me to go shopping, so he did it himself, but it was stressful. We have been in the habit of going to 3 or 4 stores to get things (because we couldn’t get all in one store). Five if you count the pet store for their food. Yesterday, I suggested we divide the chore and didn’t meet much resistance. It was pretty crazy to see the difference a few weeks can make! And I totally agree – it is nerve-wracking. We make lists by category, produce, meat, dairy, etc. in order to eliminate back tracking. It is advantageous to know where all the departments are. I get upset when they occasionally move things around, so I can sympathize with your feeling lost in a store. I think that is why smaller stores are popular. With numbers of shoppers being limited, we also have to add waiting in line to get in on top of gathering the food. All the sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer and masks is what make me the most nervous. Am I getting it right? Am I missing a step? Did I just touch my face when I adjusted my glasses around my mask? It is enough to make you crazy. Wine is the reward at the end of the day. 😉

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    1. I had to laugh thinking about the many reasons over the years that saved me from grocery shopping including the fact that I prefer the higher priced gourmet markets and someone else does not, we prefer different regular grocery stores and I always add items not on the list and am fussy about my brands and for years he was retired while I was still working and, after being stuck in rush hour traffic for over an hour on the way home, I do believe he was afraid to ever ask me to stop at the store on the way home.😁 Now that they’ve made so many changes to help keep everyone safe, I’ve tried to suggest he could try the senior shopping hours, but I think he’s now discovered he doesn’t miss grocery shopping at all. In order to avoid the busier stores, I’ve tried different locations and can’t believe each store is laid out differently, just when I think I know where to find items. We also over the years have had to go to several stores for everything we need and I have eliminated some of that shopping process. I am only going to one grocery store, he is getting the birdseed for the birds🐿 with curbside pickup at another store, the dog food and treats are being ordered through Chewy, wonderful curbside pickup for books and I can always find something through Amazon. While I feel all the safety measures at the grocery store have already made a difference, it is enough to make you crazy worrying about everything and I am ordering the “for medicinal purposes only” wine glasses!😁 Enjoy your weekend and working and relaxing in your beautiful yard!🙂

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      1. Eliza Waters says:

        While I am not a regular drinker, I am having a glass of wine tonight. Sometimes, one needs it ‘for medical purposes.’ 😀
        My favorite plant grower is open tomorrow, I might have to go see what he has. 😉
        Have a good weekend.

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      2. Looking forward to photos of the new plants! Cheers!🍷😁

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  4. jillslawit says:

    To save going grocery shopping, some people are now enjoying those DIY quarantinis made up of any bits and bobs of alcohol in your cupboard to be consumed as locktails during locktail hour which is getting earlier and earlier in some households. The last of my Singleton of Dufftown went two nights ago, but it would have been a crime to mix that with anything. Loved the picture of the feather by the way.

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    1. 😁Thank you!😁 Had not heard locktails and locktail hour before and loved it!!😁 Hope you enjoyed the weekend and have a chance to stock up again soon!🥃

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  5. Jet Eliot says:

    Thanks for sharing your week with us, ACI, I always enjoy your seven-photo week review. I worked in grocery stores for most of high school and college days, and have been visiting them every week since. Even as familiar as I am with them, and as much as I like them, during these times I find it absolutely harrowing every single visit. I appreciate how traumatic it must be for you. You described it well, I especially identified with your words: “panicking eyes above those masks.” Fortunately, it won’t be forever. Meanwhile, what an adorable scene in your garden! That crane chick is a precious find.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 We have a record number of geese and swan nests on the lake this year and the first sandhill crane nest that I’ve ever seen on the lake. I’ll definitely be kayaking by for more visits with the families. The safety changes they have made at the stores has helped tremendously, but as soon as I can completely get over my fear of ordering takeout, I may be eating pizza for breakfast and dinner for a month.🙂 Take care!🙂

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