Monday Musings

Self-Isolation Trend #10

We are reaching the point where soon many people will be leaving their home office of the last few months and the steady companionship of their pets to return to their real workplaces.  A troubling trend that could be on the horizon for everyone that will be allowed to leave their homes regularly is separation anxiety, which may not happen between every person in the house, but will definitely occur with the adoring pets.  We brought Harper home last April and I’ve been accused since day one of ruining the precious pup, so there is no surprise that we live in a continual state of separation anxiety around here.

I have no idea what this constant companionship over the last two months will do to our state of mind since I’ve already been experiencing very unusual and unexpected separation anxiety attacks. I’ve always been an Anderson Cooper fan, but over the last two months he’s begun to feel like family since he’s been spending an incredible amount of time in our living room as we watch more CNN news coverage than usual and the Coronavirus Town Hall specials with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Just last week when he was missing for a few days, we were beginning to worry and panic until we saw the wonderful news that he had been missing because he became a new father.

I was able to share more stories about Anderson and his family with Harper, through teary eyes, since we always celebrate New Year’s Eve together and I’ve been reading about the Vanderbilts and Anderson Cooper for years. I also had photos and wonderful memories to share of visiting the Vanderbilt family summer cottage, The Breakers, back in the late ’80s (ok, not visiting, but touring and I do know he’s not really family). 

Well, after this latest separation anxiety episode, Harper wants everyone to know that while maybe people should worry about me, she will be absolutely fine when I’m finally allowed to regularly leave the house without her and she’ll be thrilled to be sleeping peacefully and not photographed.