Drive-Thru Farmers Market

Self-Isolation Trend #11

It’s farmers market season in Michigan and, along with everyone else, they have tried to implement policies to keep everyone as safe as possible and one of the early trends at my favorite market is the creation of a drive-thru farmers market.  I actually was not aware they were opening on time and was out walking with Harper when we saw the new set-up. Many other farmers markets in the area are limiting vendors and customer capacity, banning entertainment and cooking demonstrations, offering curbside pickup and requiring masks.  Now, unlike many who visit the farmers market for plants, vegetables and fruit, I happen to love my favorite market because of the fabulous food trucks, the croissant bakery stand selling my favorite chocolate almond croissants, people watching, a delicious cookie stand and live music.  Currently they are only allowing vendors who grow their own food products and you can make the purchase from your car with the correct change as everything is being sold in $10 and $20 units.  At this point, I would be willing to pay $50 dollars for a curbside pickup of croissants and cookies if that was possible.