The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

One of the trends that I’ve read about is the return of board games during these times stuck in our homes and this brought to mind another childhood game, “Simon Says,” that I never liked, but for some reason it popped into my head as an appropriate sum up of the week.  Now, for the sake of this game I’ll continue to use just the name Simon for some of the government officials that played.  Let’s just see how the childish game played out against everyone that understands the facts of the game of life even while we’re in the middle of “quarantine fatigue” and want our lives to return to normal, but understand the reasons that is not occurring.   While people continue to feel like they’re barely holding on mentally, physically and financially, “Simon Says” don’t worry, we’re in the middle of a “great success story.”

  One day this week Michigan reached a total of 4,250 coronavirus deaths, more than all of Canada at that time, and has the highest fatality rate in our country among those who have tested positive for Coronavirus, but “Simon Says” it’s time to “liberate Michigan” and relax those restrictions so we can go wherever we want.

“Simon Says” it’s time for everyone to be out enjoying their favorite restaurants while the projection for daily deaths was increased this week to 3,000 a day beginning in June.

“Simon Says” everyone practice social distancing

while he stands extremely close to everyone. 

“Simon Says” wear a mask when you can’t practice social distancing, but fails to wear one into a hospital that requires masks.  Amazingly, Simon did not think a mask was necessary since he is tested regularly and “Simon Says” that anyone who “wants a test can get a test.”  I guess your name has to be Simon.

As I mentioned, always disliked the game, dislike it even more now and, just like Clorox bleach, it drained the color right out of my world this week.

22 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I’m glad you found some comfort from a frustrating week and enjoyed and captured these lovely moments 🙂 Hope things settle down soon in your part of the planet 🙂 btw, I’ve always thought Simon Says is a line from a Bruce Willis movie lol (blush) Hope you have a peaceful weekend!!

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    • Thank you!🙂 My weekly review would probably have been different if I had written the review on the beautiful day these photos were taken last weekend, instead of writing on a bad attitude day.🙂 Our stay-at-home order has been extended until May 28, as this week we are still seeing 500-600 new cases a day, but each week they are opening more businesses. I love the Die Hard movies and had actually forgotten about the “Simon Says” movie when I wrote this and my opinion of the game is definitely different when Bruce Willis is playing!😁 Enjoy the weekend!🙂

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      • so it’s only 20 more days, I hope they pass quickly for you!! It’s great you have this lake and park close by, being close to nature always heals, so to say… our closest escape is ca. one-hour by car, it’s a mountain and I so hope to visit there soon… until then please know your photos are lovely and so soothing to look at, especially on bad attitude days 😀 and we all have them 🙂

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  2. Spot on, my dear. Just this morning, I was thinking, “During 9-11, approx. 3000 people died, now that is the number dying every day (probably much more) and compare the reaction then vs. now.” It’s like a very bad dream.
    Hang in there, I prescribe more chocolate and wine. 😉

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    • Thank you!🙂 I am at a loss for so many things I read and see each day. My mom and I were talking about that earlier this week and I thought a comment made by Anderson Cooper this week was interesting. Compared to other tragedies that have had constant camera coverage, beginning in the early days of this crisis everything happened behind the walls of the hospitals where the loss was not being seen. With everyone at home, news organizations have not been able to cover this crisis the same and the stories behind all the people we have lost aren’t being told or even shared at funerals. It has been horrible to read about all the loss, grief and sick loved ones being left alone at hospitals and then turn on the news and see the version of this crisis that is being presented by some. Not only do I need more wine and chocolate to improve my state of mind, but you probably do too after this comment.🙂

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      • I’ve thought of this often. What a tragedy that so many are forced to die alone, not even a chaplain to call on them. I wish there were ‘angels’ – possibly survivors of Covid, to volunteer to mask up and visit the dying. It is heartbreaking to think about.

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      • My mother is tired of me telling her that she is in lockdown for the next few years, but for years I’ve been staying at the hospital with her when she has been hospitalized and I’ve been so upset for the people being left alone at the hospital and for those not allowed into the hospital. I can’t imagine when people are being forbidden from entering hospitals with their loved ones that someone thought it was time for a hospital press visit without even the consideration of wearing a mask. I had not thought of the possibility of Covid survivors volunteering and it frightens me to think how long this new hospital policy of refusing visitors will last.

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    • 🙂Thank you!!🙂 There have been so many reactions, emotions and silent screams I’ve wanted to share these last few months and had no idea that tulips and “Simon Says” would help express a few of them.🙂

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  3. Wow, some stunning photos this week. Love love love the last one.❤. And that is what Jill says. I wish everyone could tell that twit Simon to disappear up his own backside and take his idiotic ego and double standards with him.

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