The Week In Seven Photos

One of the trends that I’ve read about is the return of board games during these times stuck in our homes and this brought to mind another childhood game, “Simon Says,” that I never liked, but for some reason it popped into my head as an appropriate sum up of the week.  Now, for the sake of this game I’ll continue to use just the name Simon for some of the government officials that played.  Let’s just see how the childish game played out against everyone that understands the facts of the game of life even while we’re in the middle of “quarantine fatigue” and want our lives to return to normal, but understand the reasons that is not occurring.   While people continue to feel like they’re barely holding on mentally, physically and financially, “Simon Says” don’t worry, we’re in the middle of a “great success story.”

  One day this week Michigan reached a total of 4,250 coronavirus deaths, more than all of Canada at that time, and has the highest fatality rate in our country among those who have tested positive for Coronavirus, but “Simon Says” it’s time to “liberate Michigan” and relax those restrictions so we can go wherever we want.

“Simon Says” it’s time for everyone to be out enjoying their favorite restaurants while the projection for daily deaths was increased this week to 3,000 a day beginning in June.

“Simon Says” everyone practice social distancing

while he stands extremely close to everyone. 

“Simon Says” wear a mask when you can’t practice social distancing, but fails to wear one into a hospital that requires masks.  Amazingly, Simon did not think a mask was necessary since he is tested regularly and “Simon Says” that anyone who “wants a test can get a test.”  I guess your name has to be Simon.

As I mentioned, always disliked the game, dislike it even more now and, just like Clorox bleach, it drained the color right out of my world this week.