The Week In Seven Photos

“Houston, we have a problem.”  I’ve always dreaded the dog days of summer, but now I’m kinda looking at what has always been my second favorite month of the year

as the twisted days of May.

As I march out the door in the morning to experience another new situation during these twisted days, at least I’m not the only one that has found themselves going down grocery aisles the wrong way, I find by mid-afternoon that I experience a wave of exhaustion.  This week an exhausted Harper joined me as we had our first vet appointment during the shutdown.  A new trend in doctoring for yourself or your pet is that the waiting room has moved to the parking lot.  For Harper, the current procedure is to remain in your car and they come out and handle taking the pets in for their appointment.  Poor little Harper wanted to know why some stranger was taking her into her least favorite place (ok, I also wanted to know how long I could wait before I ran into the place to check on her and get her back).

She was rewarded with a walk along the beach afterward and

daily I continue to be surprised by the various reactions to recommendations and rules being posted for the benefit of everyone.

During these bleak May days there is a comfort level that continues to escape me even as I wander around in the park with my mask.  I choose to wear a mask outdoors because I never know how crowded the paths will be or if someone upwind will decide to spit (we may need a new sign)

and I’m envious of those that somehow feel safe walking in the zone of no socks, no shoes and no mask.