The Week In Seven Photos

After three years of “The Week In Seven Photos” series, maybe it’s time to switch things up and create a weekly “Welcome To My Rant” series.  It was nice this week to not be the only one floating in the middle of the lake ranting about the state of the world or how crowded the lakes are so early in the season.

Unfortunately, compared to at home where my husband has strictly abided by the stay-at-home order and has been trapped in the house ignoring my ranting for months (one would think by know he would be happy to escape and resume the grocery shopping), the birds disappeared before I could finish my rant.

I guess they did not find it interesting that I was ranting about the fact that the only thing blooming at my house are dandelions and

about the fact that now when I see a state on my Diet Mtn Dew bottle I don’t immediately think about the great vacation I experienced there, but the fact that I would now have to self-quarantine for fourteen days if I decided to plan a visit.  At this point in the crisis, I have no desire to debate all the different rules, theories and recommendations, but

I am more than willing to rant about any topic (especially, the many creative social distancing themes for restaurants) until I have someone sputtering with laughter on their favorite beverage discussing fashionable pool noodle hats and rude mannequins eavesdropping on dinner.

I understand that for some a yoga class might be necessary to help relax after listening to me rant while

others may quickly disappear from the room like Harper did last weekend when I began ranting, while wearing my favorite Peyton Manning jersey, about Tom Brady during the fantastic golf match with Peyton, Brady, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.  Harper and I may have to begin therapy soon since someone has tried to convince us that my ranting is part of her anxiety problem and that same someone won’t leave the house long enough for me to sneak in an emotional support dog for Harper.  Since our stay-at-home order has been extended again and I have little faith in a fast-tracked vaccine, I’m beginning to think a “Welcome To My Rant” series might save me from dog and couples therapy.

18 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I guess it is better to rant and get it out, rather than hold in toxic stuff, right? 😉 Maybe a new hobby or project? I’ve been spending a bit more on plants than I usually do, justifying that I don’t spend anything going out to restaurants and I haven’t been in a box store in 2+ months. Plus being outdoors is healthy. 🙂

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    1. Well, right now it appears ranting, shopping online for new coffee mugs and wine glasses and watching British TV series are my favorite hobbies this month, but with a great weather forecast this weekend I may be too tired to rant after kayaking and biking. Enjoy the weekend!🙂

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  2. Surely these are times for ranting and the various ducks and swans seem to be 100 percent on your side.

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    1. Perfect kayaking weather this weekend, hopefully I haven’t scared away the birds and they will join me on the lake in the morning.😁

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  3. oh, no, they extended your stay at home period? until when? are there still many cases of infection? 😦
    gorgeous photos as ever 🙂 looking at the photos I didn’t even notice you are ranting 😀 wishing you and Harper a lovely weekend!! make good of that yoga glass lol…

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Our stay-at-home order has been extended until June 12 and the number of new cases continue to decline, but today they were up to over 600 again. Each week they reopen more things across the state, but with all the different rules and restrictions it’s very confusing as to what is actually open. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and I love my new yoga glass!! Enjoy the weekend!🙂

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  4. *make good use (so sorry 🙂 )

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  5. Wow that swan photo is awesome!

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  6. Great photographs! As for ranting, I say have at it – there’s plenty to aim at, sadly…
    As some of the shutdown restrictions ease, there are, understandably, more people out and about, and I feel very uncomfortable, even though distancing etc is being observed. I think I’ll cope better once we’re back in a smaller community that has more space. The beer stores and brewery will do well out of us, and the local yoga studio is setting up beach classes, so I’ll be careful to choose morning beach walks with Scout far from those! Mrs PC is happy to be the household representative for all things yoga. Phew.
    I see the Premiership aims to resume mid-June. Looking forward to it, with disappointing Everton performances provoking fresh rants!
    Hope you find some space on the lake this weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 All my ranting about my favorite sports teams over the years left limited time for ranting about the world, but now with the state of the world, I don’t know if I’ll have any time left in my day to rant about sports when they return. I’m beginning my days outdoors much earlier now to avoid people and grocery shopping this week almost felt normal. I’m happy to stay on my deck enjoying my yoga glass, but I’m sure if you did not want to join Mrs. PC’s yoga class that you and Scout could start a Brew and Dog yoga class at the pub where Scout could expertly teach the puppy pose while you enjoy a beer! Enjoy the weekend!🙂


  7. I wonder if mummy swan is advising baby that sometimes it’s best to let passing kayakers have a good old rant. Awesome photo of said mummy and baby.

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    1. Thank you!😁 No ranting by the babies, only muttering!😁

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