Monday Musings

There are many simple things along the way in life that one can develop strong opinions about, like not being a big fan of seafood after a bad reaction to my first seafood dinner, but then discover how quickly opinions can change after one fabulous lobster roll has you constantly thinking about placing your next order for a lobster roll and whoopie pie curbside pickup.

While taking Harper for a walk on a beautiful cool morning over the weekend, one had time to ponder after watching A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood the previous evening why there was such a disdainful opinion when initially reading about the Mister Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys, especially since both actors are favorites.  That opinion quickly changed into a definite recommendation after the great performances and story.  Still can’t trace back the source of my initial negative thoughts about the movie, as I don’t recall watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood while growing up (seem to recall being a Captain Kangaroo fan), but I should have known my misguided ways with Tom Hanks in the movie (click on movie/show titles for clips).  

I think living a quarantine lifestyle this year is having a dramatic effect on my thoughts, priorities, beliefs, opinions, lifestyle, food choices, hobbies…

I wonder if it’s possible that the next thing that I will be changing is my opinion about the strange Christmas in July celebrations.