Monday Musings

There are many simple things along the way in life that one can develop strong opinions about, like not being a big fan of seafood after a bad reaction to my first seafood dinner, but then discover how quickly opinions can change after one fabulous lobster roll has you constantly thinking about placing your next order for a lobster roll and whoopie pie curbside pickup.

While taking Harper for a walk on a beautiful cool morning over the weekend, one had time to ponder after watching A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood the previous evening why there was such a disdainful opinion when initially reading about the Mister Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys, especially since both actors are favorites.  That opinion quickly changed into a definite recommendation after the great performances and story.  Still can’t trace back the source of my initial negative thoughts about the movie, as I don’t recall watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood while growing up (seem to recall being a Captain Kangaroo fan), but I should have known my misguided ways with Tom Hanks in the movie (click on movie/show titles for clips).  

I think living a quarantine lifestyle this year is having a dramatic effect on my thoughts, priorities, beliefs, opinions, lifestyle, food choices, hobbies…

I wonder if it’s possible that the next thing that I will be changing is my opinion about the strange Christmas in July celebrations.

12 responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Yes it really is a mixed up year, this 2020!
    I’ve not seen the Tom Hanks film, but enjoyed the clip, thank you. 🙂
    And some people down here celebrate Christmas in July – as at least it is cooler than our mid-summer December! 😀

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    1. I continue to spend time every day in a state of shock about our world and after all this time at home wonder how I’ll hopefully one day have to convince Harper that it’s ok for her stay home alone. At least this time I can blame something other than me for the separation anxiety issues. I would be happy to celebrate Christmas in July if our hot weather this month was magically replaced by snow.😁

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      1. Yes – all the dogs are going to freak out when things get back to normal and their owners leave. The cats meanwhile will celebrate! 😀

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  2. Christmas in July is a thing with some people, but it’s odd isn’t it? Strange, sad, scary times we are living in. I hope a change is coming. Finally, really like those signs, especially the “shit creek survivor.” It says it all, doesn’t it?

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    1. I read an article yesterday about all the changes occurring because of this pandemic in our society and economy, with so many more to come. While there was the question if things improved how quickly society may return to normal, somehow I already feel that this has permanently changed me and my lifestyle. Just never thought that statement I heard my whole life about going up shit creek without a paddle was going to be replaced with a new toilet paper motto.🙂


  3. I’m pretty happy for things not to return to what passed for normal, pre-pandemic. However, I also hope we’re about as far up shit creek as can be, and that things will improve towards a better normal, particularly after November…
    I don’t know much about Mr. Rogers, and wasn’t too fussed about the movie, but like you say, it’s Tom Hanks, so it’s got to be good. I’ll add it to the ever growing list!

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    1. If I wasn’t on such a movie binge needing my streaming services and, of course, my air conditioning for our summer heat wave, I would go off the grid until mid November. I’ve lost track of all the tv shows and movies that I originally think, with whatever attitude I may have, oh who would want to watch that, and then find myself a total fan.🙂


  4. There used to be a pub in West Yorkshire which did Christmas in July??? And ok, I have to ask, what’s whoopie pie?

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    1. One of the tv channels here actually shows Christmas movies for a few weeks in July. Whoopie pie is chocolate cake with a sweet, creamy filling and I’m not sure if Santa would prefer one of those over cookies.😁

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      1. Oooh, after the week I’ve had, Whoopie Pie sounds like a most excellent idea. A large portion please. 😃

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