Flowers And Movies

I’m a faithful fan to my favorite actors, rarely skipping a film, and it was a week of catching up on movies starring Bruce Willis (Acts of Violence) and Robert DeNiro (Heist) and watching the latest movies with Liam Neeson (Made In Italy) and Bill Nighy (Sometimes Always Never).  My only mistake this week was watching the horror film Relic without my niece’s prior approval (which will never happen again!!).

6 responses to “Flowers And Movies”

  1. Clicked on the link for “Relic,” and one look at the trailer convinced me this was not my kind of movie. Not a fan of horror. I get too scared. 😉 However, the trailer for “Sometimes, Always, Never” convinced me to put that movie to the top of my list.

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    1. I had a few doubts very early in Sometimes Always Never, but adding another favorite of mine, playing Scrabble, to the storyline along with the fabulous Bill Nighy and family drama and I was completely won over by the ending (definitely do not add Relic to your watchlist!!).🙂

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      1. Yes, to Sometimes Always Never. No, to Relic. 😉

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  2. I watched the Relic trailer on mute – the sound wouldn’t work for whatever reason – and I’m pretty sure this is a comedy?! Will be watching it soon.
    Bruce is good for an unintended laugh when he’s slumming it, so I’ll have to watch that one.
    Heist looks good – great cast – so another one added there!
    Made in Italy? Could be hard to watch if the Italian scenery is as good as it looks in the trailer when we can’t travel there for the next we don’t know how long…
    I hope it rains this weekend, so I can see some of these!

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    1. I can recommend all the movies except Relic. I have no idea what they were thinking with that horrifying ending and my niece has a long list of items that cannot be in a horror movies she recommends (dogs, little kids, etc.) and now we have both agreed grandmas with dementia have been added to the list. Love Willis and DeNiro, even when they are no longer on the screen as often in action movies, and these two movies have a great cast and a few other favorites, Cole Hauser (Yellowstone) and Dave Bautista (another WWE wrestling favorite). If you need to add another movie to your film festival this weekend, I loved Bautista in Stuber (I won’t confess as to how many times I’ve already watched it).😁


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