The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve developed a mental mood checklist over the course of this year and as someone who likes to enjoy their morning coffee without questions, even if they’re my own, I’m about ready to tear up the list.  How’s the energy level?  If we’re using Harper as a gauge, she appears a little too peppy for me.

Are the pessimistic vibes through the roof?  Definitely, the glass is empty, broken and the moon feels too full.

How are my relationships?  Absolutely F.I.N.E. and some days at home it’s better if we communicate through the dog.

Do I wish I could escape somewhere safe?  Yes, I’ll take the first flight out!!

Am I experiencing seasonal affective disorder?  Not especially, I’m still wearing shorts and refusing to accept it’s cold and dreary outside.

Can I picture brighter days ahead?  I will be very excited someday (maybe, possibly next summer???) when I can go back to happily avoiding talking to people, social distancing and missing parties by choice and not fear.

Do I have enough books to survive being quarantined at home until April?  NEVER can have enough books!!!