The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve developed a mental mood checklist over the course of this year and as someone who likes to enjoy their morning coffee without questions, even if they’re my own, I’m about ready to tear up the list.  How’s the energy level?  If we’re using Harper as a gauge, she appears a little too peppy for me.

Are the pessimistic vibes through the roof?  Definitely, the glass is empty, broken and the moon feels too full.

How are my relationships?  Absolutely F.I.N.E. and some days at home it’s better if we communicate through the dog.

Do I wish I could escape somewhere safe?  Yes, I’ll take the first flight out!!

Am I experiencing seasonal affective disorder?  Not especially, I’m still wearing shorts and refusing to accept it’s cold and dreary outside.

Can I picture brighter days ahead?  I will be very excited someday (maybe, possibly next summer???) when I can go back to happily avoiding talking to people, social distancing and missing parties by choice and not fear.

Do I have enough books to survive being quarantined at home until April?  NEVER can have enough books!!!

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  1. As the pandemic drags on, I think many people feel exactly the way you do. As a homebody and an introvert, I am happy to stay home and work on my projects. But, oh how I miss seeing my children. It’s been a year. Sigh. But, courage! A vaccine is on the horizon. So very promising, with a 95% rate of effectiveness.

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    • At this point, to save myself time with the mood checklist questions and Harper being an intermediary, I should just get a mood ring that I could flash that would now perfectly match my gray and black wardrobe.🐾😁 I don’t know why I’m so surprised and can’t accept how bad things are since they warned in the early scary days that the second wave could be worse. I never imagined our state would now be setting a single-day record of 9,779 cases and our country daily setting new records in cases and hospitalizations. I hope the optimism about the vaccine is true and you’ll be able to enjoy film festivals and patio time with your daughters during their visits.🙂


  2. The words i always remember ‘ It will pass’
    Everything in life is a cycle. Things come, things go. Even gray moods, gray days and black and gray wardrobes.
    Here’s a big smile from Ireland 😁 to brighten your day.
    Stay well and glag to see Harper is still enjoying her reading. ☘️

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    • Thank you for brightening my day and no matter what Harper says I know she’s enjoying our book club!📖🐾😁 I guess I’m reaching the point where I need to spend more time on learning acceptance than my mood checklist questions, because so far I’ve only accepted that I know I can’t fast forward to next summer, I’m keeping my mother under house arrest until 2022 and that I need a few more gray and black masks.😁


  3. Tough times, frustrating times….. but the best way through is to take it as it comes, relax. The best way of doing that is to take the dog walkies, then a coffee and a good book. Doesn’t matter about the weather…… dogs need walking whatever. And if the weather is bad its just another excuse to read. Take care 🙂

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    • Thank you for your encouraging words!🙂 I was just telling Harper yesterday the theme for this winter is going to be walks, books and coffee and was reminded this morning with our first significant snowfall that recovering by the fire with a book and coffee will also be a necessity for relaxing. Take care!🙂


  4. By choice, not fear – very funny, and agree completely! That there is a book called “The lager queen of Minnesota” makes me smile, and curious to find out more on that one.
    Yes, we knew the second (third? Ongoing first?) wave would be tough, and I thought we’d be better prepared or somehow more stoic having had the first, but no. Beer, books and coffee it is then! Oh, and dogs, of course!
    Stay safe and take care!

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    • Thank you!🙂 I enjoyed her first novel, Kitchens of the Midwest, and while I would have preferred “The Cider Queen”, I’m looking forward to the new book. This ongoing wave is out of control as just over the last month the time it takes to reach a million cases has gone from two weeks to seven days. I’m assuming watching all the people traveling for the holidays that it’s only going to get worse. Fear and panic were my main emotions at the beginning during the early months and shutdown and then trying to figure out the best way to still do things safely and now with everything worse and another smaller shutdown for three weeks, the main emotion is exhaustion from the fact that we were not only not prepared but that so many have made it an issue about anything and everything, except health and science (plus the added exhaustion from the election and that our state is now a leading story again in the election results). At least we have Spurs at the top of table, the great news that Jack Reacher is in good hands going forward, along with those great books, dogs and coffee! Take care!🙂


  5. You can never have enough books, and even though it is predominately grey and black right now here’s some happy other colours: yellow for the sunny days we will get again☀️☀️☀️ brown for good old coffee ☕ gold for something nice in a glass 🥃 green for the inevitably of nature 🌳🍃🌲🌱 and white for the emblem of Yorkshire and best wishes to you from there 🌸

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