Today’s Musings

There’s plenty to keep an eye on

or squawk about

in the state of Michigan as it leads the US with the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita and that both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University somehow managed to lose to UCLA in the March Madness tournament. It’s that time of year when many in our state are looking forward to kayaking,

but right now even the lakes aren’t completely cooperating.

While keeping a very jaded eye on the world, at least we can count on the birds staying on schedule and knowing what they’re doing

and who ever thought singing “Honey, I’m Home” would only apply to the birds as some of us are afraid to leave our homes again. Even after receiving my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine I’m not sure when that feeling is going to change and after watching the exciting opening day of the baseball season, I’m still finding it difficult to imagine the day I’ll ever want to be in a crowd after the second dose.