The Week In Seven Photos

Earlier in the week I read an article about the new pandemic-era accessory of bracelets that signal your social distancing boundaries. Event hosts are offering green, yellow or red wristbands to let people know if they can come in for a hug or not. I always thought over my lifetime that my body language, the expression on my face or the strong force field surrounding my bubble was enough, but I guess I better order a case of red bracelets so there’s no confusion about this huggy business.

There also have been many articles about anxiety for those reentering society and while I’ve not noticed any increase in my anxiety level, I do occasionally feel a tad crowded when I notice flowers blooming too close together,

birds landing too close,

the thought of someone sharing my chocolate chip dip,

or seeing swimming docks that are too close together.

Harper’s absolutely exhausted from trying to figure out who she’s allowed to visit on our walks since the dogs have not begun wearing their boundary collars

and does it look like the tomatoes are being mobbed by the basil on my Margherita Pizza?!?!