The Week In More Than Seven Photos

Harper was in need of a special treat this week as she’s been left home more often

as my niece and I continue to have a great time on the nature trails.

There have been many fascinating discoveries along the way, the first being that thank god we’re only dealing with birds and not bears because the moment a group of young geese began running out of control toward us we panicked and total chaos ensued.

Immediately my niece jumped behind me while I continued taking photos not realizing how quickly we would be surrounded and yelled at by the parents. Let’s just say the geese won and we were stuck on this portion of the path for some time until the parents made sure all of us were properly scolded.

At least there was one mother happily chatting away with the bird whisperer as the Virgina rail was busy

explaining how difficult it’s been convincing the little ones of all the delicacies that can be found in the muck.

Another discovery has been that surprisingly I do not need to experience such a closeness to nature as my niece. She thought I would be offering some snacks, but I’m very happy to be standing by her with my camera.

She does not have a fondness for red-winged blackbirds

after being attacked previously by a few while we were kayaking and watching their behavior at the park as they chased a sandhill crane did not improve their odds of being offered any snacks,

but I told her she might want to change her mind before one decides to land on her head

or they make being scolded by the geese look like a picnic.