Recent Items Of Interest

Recent Items Of Interest

Harper realizing that maybe she hasn’t really missed our exciting walks…Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1993…Major crashes and exciting finishes during the first two stages of the Tour de France…Hanging out with the backyard visitors due to up to seven inches of rain and flooding in the Detroit area over the weekend…Missing the nature trails and birds…I should never have discovered M&M’s Candy Pop Popcorn…Liam Neeson and The Ice Road on Netflix…New seasons of Evil and The Good Fight on Paramount+…1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything on Apple TV+…Sorry to disappoint Harper, but we may need extra walks this week with a shopping list of M&M’s Candy Pop Popcorn, Oreo Cookie Pop Popcorn, Snickers Candy Pop Popcorn…

21 responses to “Recent Items Of Interest”

    • Thank you!🐾😁 I’m usually not a fan of popcorn other than at the movies, but after this I may only buy the candy popcorn when I need an M&M’s fix. I hope some pleasant rain finds its way to Maine as we continue to be stuck in a cycle of daily storms and very muggy weather.


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