The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

It’s disappointing when you’re an autumn person to wake up and realize you somehow now reside in a rainforest and pretty soon the mushrooms are going to grow as big as pumpkins.

I’ve determined that my happy place

would never have a dew point over 55, the temperature would never rise above 62 degrees and that inches of rain would always be converted to snow.

Harper’s happy place is daydreaming out the window

of a perfect world without dinosaurs

pouring rain, thunder and fireworks. Unfortunately, we’ve been experiencing thunder and fireworks for weeks and became convinced that noise cancelling headphones would be perfect to block the nonstop booming noises. Surprisingly they did not fit poor little Harper and I was forced to keep them.

I was muttering about so many things this week and thankfully my niece came to the rescue with plans to hit the nature trails and an absolutely wonderful gift that immediately reminded me of my true happy place.

20 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. I can’t remember how I coped before noise canceling headphones – a life changing essential! Great photos, great mug, and here’s hoping your local fireworks enthusiasts drop off after the weekend! Have a good one!

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    • Thank you!😁 We won’t talk about what I think about fireworks or the Stanley Cup Final, but LOVE my headphones, LOVE my new coffee mug and LOVE those two goals by Kane and the wins by England and Denmark – KANE!! KANE!! KANE!!😁


  2. My work paid for some noise cancelling headphones to help with concentration while working at home as part of reasonable adjustments but I can’t sort them out to work properly, no instructions. I don’t think they would fit Harper either.🎧

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    • I cannot tell you how much I miss the manuals that automatically were included in the olden days!!😁 I had to download an app for these and I’m sure I’ll never completely remember all the features. It is amazing how noisy the house is after I eventually take them off.😁

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