The Week In Seven Photos

Yep, I’m one of those people that could be called an interrupter or someone who just in the excitement of the moment loves joining your conversation. Occasionally you meet someone who doesn’t appreciate this charming quality, but I’ve never quite understood that automatic look of irritation

or immediate righteous indignation that can occur when I happily begin talking along with someone.

I know, I know, what could be so important that it requires interrupting, but sometimes one just has to share the excitement of Harry Kane scoring England’s winning goal against Denmark to advance to the Euro 2020 Final and how great The Irish Baker’s shortbread was with that fabulous cup of coffee and to rave about my favorite market that sells this delicious cake

and an amazing quiche.

Now, I guarantee they would appreciate being interrupted if I was to tell them they were about to be stung by a bee

or have food on their chin,

but it may take me a few minutes to decide if it’s worth enduring that attitude again before interrupting.