The Week In More Than Seven Photos

I’ve realized after the last few weeks that our wonderful parks need to add signs for some trail walkers.

The first new sign should say Caution Muddy Path May Be Very Slippery And Cause Some To Slip and Do The Splits.

It’s amazing when you constantly become distracted by slick mud how easy it is to almost bump into a sandhill crane on the trails.

Things do get a little looney on the trails and thinking back on one of my favorite cartoons

I thought another appropriate sign should say “Be Vewy Vewy Quiet” because every time you shriek “there’s a fawn”

it causes disapproving looks

and more photos of their cute little white tails than their adorable spots and ears.

Of course, the local wildlife would also like a few signs added including Parental Warning: Do Not Follow Us Down This Path and

Only Kind Souls With Snacks Allowed On This Trail.