The Week In Seven Photos

Trust me when I tell you that when I began this series I never envisioned a pair of Crocs being the feature image of the week after years of making fun of the them (ok, it was downright ridicule). I was amazed when my niece told me she was ordering pair of Crocs after hearing how comfortable they were and now that I own a pair I won’t regale you with the many comments that were made, but OMG I was amazed how comfortable they were and that I could find a pair with many of my favorite colors. My niece (who actually returned her pair of plain Crocs and has been laughing at me) was out on the trails this week sending me wonderful photos of the deer, but

felt she was being ignored by the birds since I wasn’t along wearing my colorful ’80s outfits, which attract the birds. She thought between my clothes and those Crocs that we might be lucky enough to stop an owl mid-flight. Unfortunately, so far I can’t seem to leave the yard in them after the shocked looks from the fawns.

I think I’ll be fine sneaking off at daybreak in my Crocs,

but once sunrise arrives

it will be time to race home before the neighborhood awakens to enjoy my latest stack of books on the deck

and watch the bees get a little trippy looking at my shoes.