The Week In More Than Seven Photos

As I’ve been wandering around this week my thoughts have drifted back to my journey over the last two decades to simplify life and

the simple truth of the matter is that life often likes to make itself very difficult to simplify. One would think after the years of work and a blog dedicated to pondering the simple life

that the journey would be complete, but it seems there is always another level of simplifying just around the next bend.

Strangely enough this pandemic, that feels like it’s never going to end,

has deepened my desire for a simple and less is more lifestyle, except when it comes to my book, wine glass and coffee mug shelves which are overflowing. Things I wasn’t able to achieve on my own were forcefully accomplished during these strange days. Over the last few months when I could have been busy as a bee,

I’ve found myself content to silently soak in what feels like a crazy world many days

and stay in the moment to appreciate

a version of the simple life that I could have never planned or predicted.