The Week In Seven Photos

After watching a few horror movies recommended by my niece and a full moon this week,

it felt like there was something scary around every corner.

Trust me, after watching Midnight Mass and a Jamie Lee Curtis double feature of Halloween and Halloween Kills, everything takes on a spooky feeling along the trails.

There was definitely something lurking in the woods, watching our every step

until we were ready to scream

and run for cover

until little Michael popped out of the woods. It’s amazing how big and menacing squirrels can sound scampering through the woods.

8 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. What a satisfyingly spooky post! Boo!

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  2. lol….I love this post! Happy Halloween.

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    1. 🎃Thank you and Happy Halloween!!🎃


  3. I don’t know how you can watch horror flicks and still sleep or wander around at night. I’d never make it, lol!

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    1. While I’m watching I think I can handle the scary movies, but then taking Harper out at night with eerie clouds surrounding the full moon and hundreds of acorns falling throughout the yard, I quickly whisper hurry up to Harper and run back to the house and think maybe I can’t handle horror movies.🐾🎃😁

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  4. Jeepers (as I’ve never, ever said) what is that creature in the second photo? The Blair Witch squirrel? Terrifying…tell Harper to stay indoors!

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    1. Jeepers, can’t believe how busy my sports notifications were with all the Everton/Watford and Capitals/Flames goals!! The Saw movie marathon has begun and we’ll be locking all the doors and never leaving the house!!😁


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