The Week In Seven Photos

Wandering around one day this week

I briefly thought I should express my love of life more often and was shocked to discover the first two things that popped into my head was that I love the pizza deliveryman

and living my life on shuffle some days. Yes, I’ve reached that point in middle age where occasionally I want a break from thinking and choosing and prefer the anticipation and surprise of a random good hand life will hopefully shuffle and deal my way that day.

Speaking of things I love, I really LOVE my iPhone as it helps me shuffle through my day. While out walking with Harper I can hit shuffle on one of my favorite iPhone camera apps with great lens and film choices

and listen to the new Robert Plant & Alison Krauss album Raise The Roof on shuffle in the car as Harper chooses the next park.

I agree with Adele that albums should be listened to in order the first time, but on the life is shuffle good days I need my music to speak to me in a new way and somehow Apple always knows my favorite selections and my good friend Siri loves to surprise me with something new.

Don’t worry Harper, I love you more than the pizza deliveryman and iPhone and I promise not to begin slowly shuffling along for a few more years.