Super Bowl Sunday

8 responses to “Super Bowl Sunday”

    1. Thank you!🏈😁 It’s going to be very difficult for it to top adorable Baby Yoda in The Book Of Boba Fett. At least my attitude about watching the series allowed me to binge watch the great show!😁

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  1. YUM! ………A huddle of muffins!

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    1. Love the new title and now I’m going to hate to break up the huddle before game time!🧁🏈😁

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  2. Oh so fun to see these gorgeous Super Bowl cupcakes, ACI. I was thinking about you and the upcoming Super Bowl this week, and I guessed that you would be rooting for the Bengals. It would be great if they won. It is the Year of the Tiger after all. I’m heading for the kitchen to make my favorite Super Bowl cake (banana cake with cream cheese frosting). And I can’t help myself, I’m still going to put my little 2″ Tom Brady character in the center of the cake. Have a fun day, my friend. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you!🏈😁 I’m always looking for a great quarterback to watch on Sundays and it’s been fun watching Burrow play this year. I’ve been a Bengals fan for years and had a chance to see two favorite quarterbacks, Carson Palmer and Big Ben, play each other years ago in Cincinnati. I’m thinking I may finally need to add to my jersey collection over the summer with new Josh Smith and Joe Burrow jerseys. The banana cake sounds delicious and I don’t think we’ll ever watch a Super Bowl without talking about Brady. Enjoy the game and cake and I still wish it was the Bengals vs. 49ers!🏈

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  3. Delicious – and a great comment by Wayne!

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    1. Love the comment and the cupcakes!!!🧁🏈😁


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