The Week In Eight Photos

It’s wonderful to see the family stubbornness trait going strong in the next generation, but after months of my niece saying she would not join me for a morning walk at the park until the temperature was higher than her age, I was thrilled this week to have the stars align. I still have no idea why she doesn’t find it enjoyable going for a walk and then a strawberry cheesecake shake when it’s five degrees.

The birds were thrilled to see her, but

unfortunately she does not share my forced fondness of turkeys. One second I’m saying don’t worry they’ll quickly go into the woods and then I was laughing too hard to say anything else as they began chasing her down the trail.

It was wonderful to see the stubborn cardinals who haughtily refrain from joining us on the trail while

the chickadees patiently wait their turn

watching the downy woodpeckers always take too long choosing a peanut.

All in all it was a wonderful balmy windy day in the thirties with birds around every bend, no one falling on the icy paths

and discovering my niece certainly hopes that I don’t always laugh and continue to take photos if something scarier than a turkey is chasing her down the trails. I told her I could probably control the laughter, but I hate to miss a good action shot.