The Week In Seven Photos

After being chased by a gang of turkeys a few weeks ago out on the trails

I’ve been trying to convince my niece that she needs to give them another chance, but I have my work cut out for me after telling her that they can run up to 25mph and they form long-lasting social bonds. Unfortunately for my niece, they have full-color vision and can see movement a hundred yards away, which means they may always spot my neon jackets on the trails and join us for a walk.

After realizing that I have never oohed and aahed over turkeys like some of my favorite birds, it was time to share some of their charming traits.

After a little research, I’ve discovered that turkeys are very curious, intelligent, social and playful birds with distinct personalities like dogs and cats.

I wish I could share more personal experiences, but Harper has prevented us from becoming close friends with the turkeys as she continues to learn how to clear a yard.

I suppose I could also share some of the flirty qualities of the males, but honestly how much attention do these strutting fools really need.

Another amazing fact is that they love music and will cluck along with songs. It’s time to check out this weekend whether this fella is an AC/DC fan.