The Week In Seven Photos

Too bad introverts don’t hang out together more often because then I might have discovered prior to this week that there is a National Introverts Week. Thought I would share some of my favorite introvert moments from the week, beginning with a solitary great blue heron finding a lone branch within the very busy rookery. Not sure if he was just taking a break from nest building or after viewing the chaos decided he preferred the single life.

I’ve often thought introverts prefer sunrises and extroverts prefer sunsets based on how crowded the parks are for sunsets.

Even if that’s not true, as a morning person I can guarantee you that you will often only be sharing the sunrise with the birds

and park benches with your favorite squirrel impatiently waiting for another peanut.

There is an unspoken introvert code on the trails that there’s always time for a smile and brief visit, but always remember to respect social distancing and do not create a scene.

Unfortunately some of this code was broken this week when a red-winged blackbird bounced off of my head and my niece had the idea to throw bird seed to distract him. Well, I quickly created a scene with my arms flailing everywhere when the peanuts begin bouncing off my head and I thought more birds were attacking me. As you can see, the red-winged blackbirds and I are currently not on speaking terms and no more peanuts for my niece.

Now, I have been known to throw my introvert ways to the wind for the right kinda excitement and occasionally can be found running down the trails yelling please hang out with me today.