Favorites Of The Week

NFL Hall of Fame game…Premier League season begins today…Breadsticks and Alfredo sauce…backyard visitors…one month closer to favorite month of the year…getting lost in paint samples…beautiful sunrise after a stormy night…watching the latest Minions movie this evening…

8 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. What a great gallery of photos! That sunrise is especially fine. Also really like the picture of the sandhill crane—at least I think it is—striding down the road. Out for a walk.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise in between all the storms and horrible humidity. Love seeing the young cranes strolling along the paths while the parents watch and make sure I’m maintaining the proper distance.🙂


  2. Thanks for taking us with you, ACI, to your favorites of the week. I so enjoyed the nature photos, young bucks and sand hill cranes, fawn, and garden and woodland scenes. I clicked on them for the slide show, and so lovely it was. Your lake photo with the big colorful sky was especially fantastic.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 It’s a wonderful time of year to watch the crane and deer families. We’ve never had so many deer visitors at home and it was a very lucky day at the park with all the cranes and deer staying close to the paths. I know it’s preseason, but OMG it was also wonderful to watch football!!🙂

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  3. Breadsticks and Alfredo…I wouldn’t need dinner! Premier League kicks off later today – can’t wait for the first weekend of PL football. Minions rule…always put a smile on my face no matter what they’re up to.

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    1. As one who believes the appetizers and desserts are the best part of a restaurant menu, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on the Breadsticks and Alfredo!!😁 Enjoyed the wonderful Minions and all the great ‘70s references and am thrilled to have the Premier League back!!😁

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  4. Another fine collection! Watched the opening PL game earlier, was a decent encounter. Hopes are set appropriately low given that Everton lost Richarlison to some north London team (can’t seem to remember which team…) and Calvert-Lewin is already injured and out for six weeks. Pessimism reigns, but I suppose I’ll watch them lose to Chelsea!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Wonder how many times I’ll be mentioning the Tottenham Trio (Kane, Son and Richarlison) to you this season!😁 So exciting to have one of my favorite leagues returning on a weekend where it’s impossible to be outside in the horrible humidity (137 days until winter). I have my lineup all set for tomorrow morning to watch Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton. I did not know such an optimist could ever say pessimism reigns and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Enjoy the weekend and hopefully an Everton win!🙂


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