Favorites Of The Week

Bryce Harper and the Phillies…Buffalo Bills win against Kansas City and the Josh Allen hurdleCosmic Pillars of Creation…Fabulous game last weekend between Tennessee and Alabama…Justin Verlander…snow showers instead of record setting Upper Peninsula Michigan snowstorm…CNN Tonight with Jake Tapper…East New York…Motor City Pizza Co. double pepperoni pizza available at Costco…fall colors, sunshine and 50 degree mornings this weekend…

8 responses to “Favorites Of The Week”

  1. Such a beautiful series of fall pictures. I especially liked the tall windows and the pumpkins and dear little Harper.

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  2. Snow showers, oh no! 😱 Beautiful shots this week, love the cute one of Harper, very sweet!

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  3. Fabulous fall colours once again. But snow? Snow!? Yikes, too soon…
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you and enjoy the weekend!🎃


  4. Josh Allen hurdle – love that mention. GO PHILLIES! Snow showers there? Umm, that’s a little early for us, but we did have snow on Halloween several years ago so anything is possible here. Great photos. Have a great weekend!🎃

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    1. Thank you!!🎃 Love Josh Allen and Harper, but was nervous through every inning in last night’s win!!! Luckily we have a gorgeous weekend to make up for the snow. Enjoy the weekend!🎃

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