Fall Days And My Favorite Halloween Song

Skeleton Sam – LVCRFT

10 responses to “Fall Days And My Favorite Halloween Song”

  1. Great pictures! Love how your area gets into Halloween. Fun song.

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    1. Thank you and Happy Halloween!πŸΎπŸŽƒ

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  2. I trust you enjoyed your “Super Bowl” last night with the Packers and the Bills? It doesn’t look right now like the Packers are gonna get there, but the Bills sure do look the part. Go Phillies! Happy Halloween!

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    1. I was so glad the Phillies had the night off so I could enjoy my Super Bowl!! Many surprises this season and for a mid season Super Bowl adjustment, I’m hoping the Buffalo Bills from the first half last night have a great Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles!! As much as I love Josh Allen, I’m even willing to cheer on the Eagles if the Phillies win the World Series!!! Game time stress has begun, hope the candy makes it through the game – Go Phillies and Happy Halloween!!βšΎοΈπŸˆπŸŽƒ

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  3. What…….no Harper in a cute costume?

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    1. Harper has refused a costume or to pose with the great decorations after making her stop for too many Halloween photos!! Happy Halloween!!πŸΎπŸŽƒ


      1. Oh that Harper is getting pretty long in the tooth!

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