Winter Nights And Good TV Shows/Music

Slow Horses (Season 2) and it’s theme Strange Game (Mick Jagger)

8 responses to “Winter Nights And Good TV Shows/Music”

  1. Beautiful! I’m a huge fan of “Slow Horses.” Love the series and love the books even more. There’s a terrific profile of Mick Herron in the December 5 issue of The New Yorker. It’s available online and readers who are not subscribers are allowed to read a couple of free issues a month.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 Love the show and need to get back to the books! Thanks for letting me know about the article, I’ll check it out tonight.🙂

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  2. Love this very welcoming snowman!

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  3. I know what he’s up to…..I can see right through him!

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    1. That’s perfect, I really need to work on my titles!😁

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  4. Looking forward to seeing this! I’ve read the first few books, and Jackson Lamb is even more delightfully awful on the page…

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    1. Love the show and need to move the books up on my reading list now that I’ve finished the latest Rebus and Reacher books. By the way, thanks to your comment the other day I’m already afraid yelling Kane’s name is going to be replaced by “Oh Harry” bouncing around my head during the Tottenham matches. Still trying to forget the notification I received right after the penalty kick that said Kane missed a penalty kick and it still hasn’t landed.😁


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