The Week In Seven Photos

While spring fever has its grip on many,

and the world’s trying to send me a message,

I have to admit between the cold, rain, and sleet

that I don’t have an enthusiastic spring response.

I’m trying to shake off the crazy March weather as a new month is ready to greet us with rain, thunder, wind and snow.

Thoughts of spring and riding my bike have been put on hold,

but thankfully there are some signs of spring I can embrace.

11 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Spring keeps crawling back under the covers round these parts too, but it looks like maybe she’s finally emerging. Love the picture of the cranes.

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  2. Great shots, I esp. love the icy puddle… right up my alley! 😉

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    1. Thank you!😁 Wonderful sharing the puddle art, smiled when I saw yours the other day. Harper is still trying to figure out what is so fascinating.🐾😁

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  3. Spring weather is taking its good ol’ time getting to certain places. Love that last, hopeful shot of Spring. A lovely display showing off the produce!

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    1. Thank you and I always notice the produce on the way to the wine section!🍷😁

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  4. A fun collection! Maybe April will be kind? Always seems too cold for spring/summer sports to start, but the NHL playoffs looming, and the annual Everton relegation struggle will keep it entertaining until it’s warm enough for a patio beer.
    Enjoy the weekend, and I hope Kane and Son have an off day!

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    1. Thank you!🙂 The weather has been affecting me so much that I already said I was waiting for our football season and that wait doesn’t usually begin until June after the hockey playoffs, in which I’m expecting a Toronto/Edmonton Stanley Cup Final. One thing I still don’t understand about the Premier League is how often they fire coaches and the transfers. I’ve lost track of how many coaches have been at Tottenham since I’ve been watching. I’ll be cheering on Everton missing relegation, after this week’s match. Enjoy the weekend and another goal by Kane!🙂


  5. Wonderful set of photos. I especially the first picture. And the turkey looks splendid. Spring is coming slowly to Maine, too. But then again, nothing new there. 😉

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