The Art Of CIMPLE Living – Present For The In-Between

A Note from Jo on Patience by Joanna Gaines – Magnolia Journal

“In years past, asking me to wait has felt like asking me to give up or give in, to let the natural rhythm of the world find my way for me. I’ve believed that pause invites uncertainty, and in that void of unresolve, I’d begin feeling tempted to pick up speed to avoid falling behind.

So I’d rush through waiting. I’d say I’d be patient, then I would busy myself to death, picking up new things—a chore, a project, my phone—just to fill the empty space left in my arms. I’d fake wait. And every time the waiting was over and I was on the other side, I found I was still holding the same weight I started with: stress, worry, spun-out theories.

Instead of letting that time between teach and shape me, I pushed and shoved the sand through the hourglass, forgetting that so much gets worked out during the journey. Isn’t that where the endless choices exist? I’m learning that we can have all sorts of endings, but we also arrive there as a different version of ourselves based on how we hold the middle.

Call it waiting well; call it patience. For me, when I’m simply present for the in-between, that’s when clarity comes into focus, when growth digs its roots. It’s not a passive kind of pause but an active awareness of the weight it carries.”

10 responses to “The Art Of CIMPLE Living – Present For The In-Between”

  1. Truth… I can relate to this!

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    1. OMG, I loved this and it was the perfect time in my life to read (and reread…)!!🙂

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with these thoughts. I’m actively trying to live in the moment, and that qualifies as definitely recognizing the power and use of the time “in-between.”

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    1. I loved her article and it will be one I will continue to reread as I try to simplify my life.🙂

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  3. Relatable. I am in an in between phase right now and feel like my life isnt my life. It will come to a standstill next week, wonder how I’ll cope.

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    1. Things have certainly changed over the last few years and I had no idea you had been working so much until your recent comment. Hope the week goes good as you encounter more changes.🙂


      1. Thanks. Things have taken a weird turn. Hopefully I can post something next week.

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