Monday Musings

After weeks of struggling with fear and worry, an attitude adjustment was needed this weekend after the full realization that we will most likely be living a form of social distancing throughout this year and into next year to protect family members at a higher risk. ┬áThere was some minor swearing along the way, but…

The Week In Seven Photos

Over the last week we have transitioned again and are now practicing aggressive social distancing and visits to the park are a thing of the past for the near future. I thought following the recommendations and maintaining that six foot distance would leave me with a little sense of safety, but as our state rapidly…

Tuesday Musings

Staying home this much has made me realize why my dog gets so excited about backyard visitors or going for walks, I think I just barked at a squirrel.

Monday Musings

Hand over the remote and biscuits and no one gets hurt!