Ageless Or Aging Musings #4

A woman may find herself over the years waving goodbye to a favorite miniskirt, smiling at the red dress in the back of the closet, never parting with memorable jerseys and cringing at the 80’s memories of perms and shoulder pads.

The Week In Seven Photos

It was one of those weeks where I was reminded again to not ignore my mother’s wise ways. Walking through the market and admiring a fall display, I quickly fell under its spell and immediately put the Pumpkin Jack Hard Cider in the cart.  My mother has always questioned the autumn need to add pumpkin…

Themeless Thursday

It’s time for October baseball and I’m going to make an educated guess that the New York Yankees are going to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers later this month in the World Series…I began the season with the hopeful guess (wish???) that Bryce Harper and the Phillies would be playing the Yankees for the Championship…I’m…

Weekend Memories

Enjoying autumn colors, watching the swans grow up, coffee and football at mum’s house and shopping at favorite markets.

Themeless Thursday

Down on Main Street, where restaurant goers were still enjoying outdoor dining as summer weather continues, conversations might have included mention of the end of the baseball season for Bryce Harper and the Phillies against rival Washington Nationals…the early disappointment in the Michigan football season…the exciting beginning of the Fall TV season with early favorites,…

Ageless or Aging Musings #2

In my younger days I was so driven that I often drove people nuts, but more often than not these days, I just prefer to be driven to my favorite bakery.

Advice From A Waterfall

Go With The Flow Roar With Excitement Let Your Cares Fall Away Create Your Own Music Immerse Yourself In Nature Stay Active Make A Splash unknown

Nature’s Musings During A Hot And Humid Weekend

It’s so steamy and soggy, I’ll be here until Thursday trying to dry out my wings! Hot…water…oppressive…water… more water, more water!! The air is so stagnant, I can’t even get lift off! Dad, leave us alone, we’re too tired and the water is too warm and mucky for swimming lessons today! Don’t you dare let…

The Week In Seven Photos

It’s finally March and almost time to begin thinking about actually being outdoors looking at flowers, but winter is just enjoying our company so much that I have a feeling it will be hanging around through the first blooms. There was time this week for a few walks by the river in between starting a new…