Sometimes it’s necessary to escape for a brief time into your own bubble and this unique bubble fantasy is located in a casual lake community with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The stress-free bubble zone is steeped in solitude and the off the grid living allows you to spend your days floating in a news-free zone with the only visitors from the neighboring bird community.

The bubble vacation is perfect for introverts, but there are options for those interested in bringing their family


and friends to their bubble paradise.

For those that wish to bring their pets, there are pet-friendly accommodations and for those thinking of a long-term escape, there is a special option being offered on a four-year rental.

18 Replies to “A Bubble Vacation”

    1. Thank you and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the bubble vacation! Gabby was a little puzzled that day as to why we were going in circles in the kayak and did not understand my excitement when I finally managed to capture one photo of us in the bubble.

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    1. Thank you! I love trying to capture the bubbles and it involves a tremendous amount of unusable shots and trying to coordinate the kayak, dog and camera. The bubble vacation and a morning in the kayak is always a wonderful escape.


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