Another night of trying to find a good location for a moon shot and realizing I will still be searching for a good location before the upcoming super blue blood moon on the 31st.

These cupcakes looked to good to eat, but I did not encounter that problem with my wonderful sugar cookie shaped like a mitten. 

I can’t pass one of these little libraries without snapping a photo!

It’s impossible for me to pass anything related to Ireland without snapping a photo!

The theme of the ice festival last weekend was games and I had to read the sign to discover that this high heel is a Monopoly token.  I always wanted the Scottie dog or car when I played Monopoly as a child and I was relieved to discover the high heel was part of the 70th Anniversary edition and not another thing I’ve forgotten about in middle age.

This was the only owl I spotted this week.

One beautiful sunrise amidst a week filled with rain and fog.

26 Replies to “The Week In Seven Photos”

      1. I think it’s great. All we have here is places to drop off your clothes or books for the less fortunate. Oh – I’ve just remembered, there is a similar library exchange thing at Cape Town airport! – But the only book I take there is an un-read one for the journey! 😀

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  1. I think my first attempt at a comment has disappeared – apologies if you end up with two…
    Irish rugby, oh yes! The Six Nations starts soon, and I’m always torn between England and Ireland…
    The sunrise photograph is an absolute beauty, and well done on capturing another owl so soon!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. After my dismal ending to the football season, I may have to consider watching a new sport next year.😁 I have found a few locations in the state where snowy owls have been spotted and I may have to expand my search area. I’m glad you enjoyed the sunrise and have a wonderful weekend.🙂


  2. I had a good lol at your only owl spotting this week, ACI. Loved seeing all the ice sculptures. It’s something we don’t see out here in our milder climates in California, and I think they’re so dazzling to look at, and complicated to create. Loved the moon shot and the gorgeous sunrise. Great week, thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed the week.🙂 I hope I don’t start hanging out by the window display when mine shows no sign of returning.😁 I love seeing the ice sculptures and am always surprised at what they create for the theme. I went out early this morning scouting locations for a good moon shot this week and now I need to hope for good camera settings and no clouds.🙂

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