The Little Beast

It has been over a month now and Gabby is still stroller bound fighting a foot infection.  I’m beginning to think she is enjoying all of this extra attention and thinks that as long as she wears her Minion sock she can continue to go shopping and be carried everywhere.  After informing the vet that Gabby has managed to find a way to nibble on her toes through her sock and three different dog cones, he said to make sure I keep an eye on the little beast.

While shopping we spotted this great Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville chair, but Gabby reminded me that there is no extra money in the budget this month because of the vet bills.

I wanted to show Gabby some of the old-time arcade games, but she let me know she preferred watching the fish.

We have a vet appointment today and I’m hoping we are a little closer to recovery and if she receives a good report, there may be a celebration with a jumbo margarita in the near future.