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  1. That is the question. I suppose it depends upon what that good thing is. 😉

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    1. After last week, I can say that there can never be enough classic cars, great bakeries or the need for the dew point to ever be over 50.😁

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  2. If you are an excessive eater of food or an alcoholic… Yes!

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    1. I was originally going to use this photo with the song “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” but quickly thought Shakespeare probably would not have been a fan of the rock band Poison and sometimes too much of a good thing can get out of control.


  3. too little or too much of everything from cradle to grave is bad for you.

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    1. A life of balance, but can there really be too much football, music, Elvis, eagles, cookies…


      1. music & eagles for me please!One can never have too many pictures of eagles!

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