Weekend Watching

I think we have set a record this year with the least amount of movies we have seen at the theater and while I should have finally been at the movie theater watching the new Halloween movie, instead I was at home watching a horror movie marathon recommended by my niece who is an expert on the genre.

I’ve discovered or been reminded of several themes that may have taken a toll on me after the marathon.  Why is it that cats maintain such a cool, spooky vibe in comparison

to the dogs that often do not fare well in these movies.  It’s been years of Gabby running through the house at night barking without any thought to the real source, but I’m now beginning to wonder what is lurking in the dark shadows of our house.

It’s been an interesting mix of old school horror with A Nightmare on Elm Street and actually very good more recent movies such as The Conjuring, Oculus and The Amityville Horror.  Although, my perception of Ryan Reynolds has changed a little after The Amityville Horror and it almost drove me to watching Charlie Brown and his friends.

I’ve also been watching birds preparing for their migration trips, but unfortunately I have not been watching our neighborhood turkey who has not visited for a few days.

Hopefully he has finally met up with some of his friends at the pond or found a girlfriend.

I almost forgot, one of the exciting encounters over the weekend was watching another man, Elvis, over my husband’s shoulder while we were out to dinner.  Not to worry, he just thought I was watching some sporting event on the tv.