A Week Without Gabby and I’m An Absolute Mess

Last year we had a rough time getting Gabby through many illnesses and after a strange attack at Christmas I entered the new year thinking it would probably be our last together.  I did not expect to lose her this soon or sudden.  I wanted to return to blogging with a post sharing all the love, laughter and joy she brought to my life, but I have had a bad cold, a severe sciatic nerve attack and have discovered that the combination of my tears and cold create one helluva migraine and it’s impossible for me to do that right now.  In other words, without Gabby, I’ve become an absolute mess.  I have often joked that Gabby is the boss of the house and all of our backyard visitors and after a week I’ve discovered that is not a joke.  She kept us on a tight schedule and without her dictating our daily schedule I’m at a loss.  I wanted to thank all of you for allowing me to share my best friend with you and all of your wonderful comments over the years. 

Our First Blog Together